The gallery opens "Table Matters" on Friday, July 7. Two featured artists, Lissa Hunter and Jacques Vesery, share their artistic views on the subject of spoons and teapots, with drawings and sculpture.  Hunter's large charcoal drawings of spoons transcend their original purpose and become fantasies of her imagination.  Vesery's sculptures of spoons and teapots, hand carved in exotic woods, suggest utility but are not intended for that purpose. These small works of art are inspired by nature and concerned with harmony, scale, form and fantasy. Also included in "Table Matters" are utilitarian objects meant for use at the table. Gallery artists create ceramics, glassware, copper and brass spoons, and handwoven placemats and table runners to enhance the serving of food and drink. The show will continue until August 3. Live music by Wind Ensemble will play in the courtyard during the evening of the July 7 Art Walk and gallery artists will be  present to discuss their work. 

Charcoal drawing of spoon by Lissa Hunter