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Crafty Activities for Kindergartners: P Crafts, Penguins, Parrots, and Pirates

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Cute P Crafts For Kindergarten

Have kids make these cute p crafts when they’re learning about the letter P. These fun activities can help them identify things that start with the letter P, from princesses to pirates.

Print out this paper circle pig craft for kids to create. You can also have them color different objects that begin with the letter P.

Penguin Craft

Kids will have fun drawing and painting a penguin in this cute winter craft. They will also enjoy the sensory elements of this activity by using pom-pom paint.

Paper plate crafts are great for building fine motor skills, and this simple Penguin Craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. You can even have them paint the plates blue for an extra colorful twist.

This simple and fun Penguin Craft uses a few recycled materials for an adorable result. It also helps children learn about the shapes of circles.

Save those old toilet paper rolls and use them for this fun craft. It has a bit of everything from coloring the paper roll to cutting strips for the hair to gluing on the eyes.

Adding an ear muff makes this Penguin Craft even more adorable! Kids will have fun creating this craft, and the adult can use hot glue to attach two poms for wings. Then, the adult can cut a pipe cleaner to make the ear muffs look more realistic.

Parrot Craft

Parrots are a beautiful and interesting bird that can mimic human speech. They are also known for being social animals.

Kids can make their very own parrot craft out of paper. This colorful bird will brighten up any room. This fun animal preschool craft also helps children learn about patterns. They will build a colorful pattern parrot using various shapes.

This parrot craft will be a great addition to any jungle or bird themed unit in the classroom. It is easy to make and will help develop the kids’ fine motor skills.

This is another one of those perfect letter P crafts. Children will love creating this beautiful parrot with their own hands. It is easy to make and will help them build letter recognition. They will have a blast making their own paper plate parrot! This fun activity will help them learn about the different colors of parrots as well. Children will love adding a beak and googly eyes to their parrot.

Pirate Craft

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is celebrated on 19th September and swashbuckling pirates are just the thing to get kids excited about the letter P. With these fun crafts featuring penguins, pirates, pigs, pineapples and pianos, children will be ready to recognise the letter P in no time at all!

These adorable round pirate puppets are easy for kids to make and will provide hours of fun pretend play. Create your own pirate puppet by painting a paper plate half and adding strips of red paper cut from scraps to resemble a striped shirt. Add a nose and mouth, eyes, a hat, bandana, a hook and a sword and your little one will have the perfect new friend to act out their favourite pirate stories with!

A pirate isn’t complete without a trusty sword and this duct tape pirate sword is the perfect way to keep kids busy on rainy days or Saturday mornings. Kids can personalise their swords with washi tape, foam pieces and stickers to create a weapon that they will love using in imaginary battles!

Pasta Craft

Working with food is always a great hands-on activity for kids. It engages them and also helps with learning about textures, colors, shapes and sizes.

Using different pasta shapes with paint is one way to incorporate this into a fun craft project. All you need is some different colored pasta noodles, a paintbrush and some paint. Younger children may want to use a baggie and pour the paint into it and shake to cover all of the noodles. They can then spread the noodles out on a baking sheet and let them dry overnight.

You can add a little bit of glue on the back to hold them in place. Then you can start gluing things around them like the sun, the moon and some bows (which can be painted a few different colors for more interest). This is a fun idea that is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten to do together.

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