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Craftsman Vise

6 Craftsman Vise Types

Adjustable jaws

The adjustable jaws on a craftsman vise are made from soft material so that they won’t mar the pieces you’re working with. They’re also softer than the metal jaws in your drill press vise. They’re designed to fit the Craftsman Professional bench vise (also called a “bullet” vise) but they should work with most vises. They’re easy to print, and they’re a good way to replace the hard metal jaws on your vise.

Irwin Record vises are available in a variety of styles, jaw widths, capacities, base types, and clamping forces. They’re designed to handle a wide range of projects, including cutting, screwing, drilling, planing, sanding, and more. They’re also available with various gripping strengths and materials. Some models even have removable jaws. They’re a great choice for DIYers and professionals alike.

Removable jaws

A vise is a metal clamping device that bolts to the top or front of a workbench and holds items in place. Some models can be adjusted by turning a handle-screw mechanism, while others have removable jaws that can be moved to hold different objects. Some types of vises, like machinist vises and front vises, are permanently bolted to a bench and can withstand large amounts of pressure. Others, such as pipe vises, are designed to be transported from one job to the next.

A vise may be equipped with a hardened steel base, and the active face of its jaws is typically covered by soft jaw covers made from sheet copper, leather, or wood (for woodworking). It is often possible to swivel a vise in a full circle and lock it in place. This feature is useful for home craftsmen, who may want to hammer metal parts into shape without damaging them. Some vises are also fitted with an anvil surface, which provides a solid area to strike against.

Swivel base

The swivel base on this craftsman vise allows the user to adjust the angle of their LED channel installation. This is especially useful for installations in hard-to-reach places or for areas where the ceiling cannot be accessed easily. The swivel base can be adjusted by unscrewing two front holding screws on the vise.

A swivel joint is a threaded connection in which one pipe is curved or offset from the other. It is usually prevented from slipping out by a nut or washer on the end. The swivel joint can be used on both wood and metal pipes.

The Seahorse swivel mount base rotates a full 360 degrees and locks in 36 different positions to allow the user to pick virtually any angle for their downrigger. It also withstands weather elements UV and corrosion. It bolts on easily to any RV or van seat and meets all FMVSS#207 safety standards. This swivel mount is compatible with Big Jon downriggers and thumbscrew mounts.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity on a craftsman vise can vary based on jaw widths, base types and clamping forces. Some have a swivel base and built-in pipe jaws for increased versatility, while others are designed with more demanding applications in mind, such as metalworking and heavy industrial work. There are also specialized vises that mount to vehicle hitch receivers, making them easy to transport and use at the jobsite.

If you are able to break a craftsman vise, it either means that it is cheap and not made well or that you are using it the way that you shouldn’t. Don’t hammer on it with a steel hammer or beat on it with a cheater bar until it breaks.

The best craftsman vise will be able to hold the amount of weight that you need it to. This is especially important if you plan on using it for heavy jobs, like woodworking. If you’re unsure of the weight capacity, look for the maximum load rating on the product description.

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